375W Smart PV Optimizer by Huawei

375W Smart PV Optimizer by Huawei

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Huawei - SUN2000-375W-USP0

The Huawei optimizer provide you with the most efficiency from your solar panels. Optimization allows your panels to produce their maximum at all times, unlike a string setup. If one panel is shaded or degrades it will not effect any other panels with these optimizers! 

Higher Yields

  • Maximum flexibility for any roof configuration, install more panels on the roof
  • Module-level MPPT adapted to all mismatch scenarios, up to 30% more energy

Simple & Easy

  • More flexible system design capability with Huawei optimizers (6 to 25 per string)
  • For solar panels up to 450Wp STC
  • Faster physical layout creating and optimizer auto-mapping

Safe & Reliable

  • Protection rating: TYPE 6P, support outdoor application
  • Module-level rapid shutdown capability, no high voltage during installation, maintenance to ensure personnel safety

Smart Management

  • Module-level monitoring to guarantee system performance and improve maintenance efficiency

Huawei 375W optimizer can only be purchased together with a Huawei inverter in a common DC:AC ratio.