Mini Split AC/Heat Pump 9000 BTU by Tosot

Mini Split AC/Heat Pump 9000 BTU by Tosot

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A complete Mini-Split, Energy Star heating and cooling air conditioner unit. Rated at 9000+ Btu 38 SEER 208/230V. Comes with a 5 year warranty on the AC Unit. Complete with pre-charged Freon

Doesn't include lines or communication. 
Tired of overpriced electricity bills during the heat of summer and chill of winter? We have the solution for you! 

This top of the line ultra efficient heat and cool mini-split has the capabilities to heat down to -22F! It has the highest EER ranking in the industry (16.5) and a SEER number of 38! HSPF = 15! Only 2.5 Amps / 500W are needed to run this unit, so it's perfect for off-grid/solar powered/or just low energy homes. This is the most cost-effective solution to fit your heating and cooling needs. The unit is completely ductless and comes with a dehumidification mode. Gold-fin condenser coil provides extreme outdoor protection against corrosion. 

Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, stores and more. 


+ Sleep Mode for ultra quiet operation
+ Turbo Mode for quick cool
+ Self-Diagnostic Smart System
+ Low Ambient Temperature Heating
+ DC Inverter Technology Savings
+ Anti-Corrosive GOLD-Fin Compressor Coil
+ Auto Self-Cleaner
+ Voltage Protection


+ 9000 Btu!
+ 38 SEER!
+ EER of 16.5!
+ HSPF = 15!
+ Decibel Level of 19-45
+ LCD Wireless Remote + WiFi